Local Elementary School Finds Increased Lead in Drinking Water

As per a shocking report stated by the Fox 5 channel, the water fountain at an elementary school had a higher percentage of lead than the required level.

The parents were notified about the test results through a letter the same week. The district officials reported that the lead proportion at the Juarez Elementary School fell below the legal requirements, and it also failed to follow the strict rules enforced by the San Diego Unified School District.

Increased Lead in Drinking Water

Local Elementary School Finds Increased Lead in Drinking Water

Now, the Federal Law states that the lead in the water should be less than 15 parts per billion. On the other hand, the district authorities want it to be less than 5 parts per billion (ppb). Unfortunately, almost 6 different outlets were tested to have more than 5 ppb count.

All the water fountains were taken out of service during the investigation that actually caused all the trouble, as per one district official’s statement.

The Safe Drinking Water Act in the EPA guidelines shows the severe effect of the changed lead proportion in the body. EPA has set the maximum level of contamination for the lead as zero because lead is toxic and even at the lowest exposure it can harm your body.

Also, the lead remains persistent inside the body, and they simply bioaccumulate with time. Young children, infants are the most vulnerable to the increasing lead quantity.

So, how does the water get polluted with lead?

  • When the drinking water passes through lead-corroded pipes. This pipe corrosion occurs due to higher acidity level of water or low mineral content.
  • Another example is the chrome-plated brass faucets with the lead soldering on it. This can actually add a good amount of lead into the drinking water.

To do with this issue, you need to take corrosion preventive steps and keep the faucets clean and free from corrosions.

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