3 Super Tips for Maintaining Hot Water System at Home

All kinds of mechanical systems require some kind of maintenance after a long run. It’s mandatory for the overall output performance, and well necessary if you want to keep it durable!

The same thing goes with the Hot Water systems, in which you can consider your Water Heaters too. Tips that I am going to share are super easy and will help you with extending the durability period of the machine too.

Maintaining Hot Water System

3 Super Tips for Maintaining Hot Water System

We tend to forget how much we are dependent on hot water; when it comes to cooking, washing, and bathing.

Like any other thing, we realize the importance of a that only when it gets damaged. Isn’t it? The same thing could happen with the hot water system. To avoid that situation, it will be better if you could take care of the following 3 things, at least once a month.

Check the Pressure

a. Check the pressure reducing valve of the water system.

It’s because of the pressure reducing valve that you can maintain a pressure control on the inlet side. If the pressure was not steady, then this could put in a lot of force on the internal lining. So, do a check on this and ensure that everything is running properly.

Temperature Pressure Relief (TPR) Valve

b. The Temperature Pressure Relief (TPR) Valve

The main purpose of the Temperature Pressure Relief is to release out the excess pressure formed inside the tank. If the TPR element is releasing out the pressure continuously, then this is a clear indication that something is wrong and you need to carry out water system maintenance.

Status of the Sacrificial Anode

c. Status of the Sacrificial Anode

There is a sacrificial anode which is placed on the internal portion of the water system. As the name goes, they are the sacrificing ones and keeps the water system protected from rusts. Once the anode starts rusting, it will spread to the machine which will simply make the water system useless.

Therefore, replacing and upgrading the anode is equal to keeping the water system safe from rust.

Try out these tips for the hot water system, and let us know how it turned out for you.

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Best Water Softener Reviews – Top 3 Rated in 2017

Hard water problem has been spreading in many places. To solve them out, you need to get the Best Water Softener Reviews to make things better for you and your home. We have listed the Top 3 of them in this post. Read on the features, and check out whether it matches with your requirements or not.

Water Softener is a machine which does the work of softening. It softens the hard water by replacing the hard minerals with sodium or potassium ions. Those who are allergic to salt can opt for the potassium option.

The Winners: Best Water Softener Reviews

Giving a brief about the working of a softener; hard minerals like calcium and magnesium causes the hard water. They are replaced with sodium ions, this makes the resulting water salty. Soft water is salty in nature; this may not be suitable for direct drinking.

Following are our favorite picks for the Best Water Softener, let’s get started!

#1 Fleck 5600SXT 48,000 Grain Water Softener

Fleck 5600SXT has been the top recommendation for a long time now. It is considered the best out of all the Water Softeners which are currently running in the market. Fleck is one of the top-selling brands of Best Water Softener of 2017. This USA-made polyglass tank comes with digital meters and an on-demand valve on it. 5600 is the newest among the Fleck series with all the programmable cycles set on it.

Fleck 5600SXT 48,000 Grain Water Softener

Coming to the digital meter details, they are found to be easy in understanding and is also informative.

Quick Features

  • Strictly acts on the hard water, thus increasing the soap efficiency and reducing the scale buildup.
  • The On-Demand control valve processes only after the user has requested for it.
  • Hard minerals like calcium and magnesium are removed using the ion exchange process. These minerals are replaced with the sodium ions.
  • The regeneration process is performed when the system needs to. For example, if you have got guests in the house, then water-needs will automatically increase. In such times, the softener regenerates more than the normal ones. So, we can say that the unit is much smarter in here.
  • The tank has got a super warranty of 10 years!
  • Anyone with some basic plumbing skills can set the system up within one or two hours. Duration can vary.

This is undoubtedly the Best deal you can make! Considering the features, and the warranty given – you don’t have to give a second thought here. Just Go For It!

#2 Eddy Water Descaler Electronic Water Softener

Facing hard water issues in your area? Then you have to quickly get a solution for this – there is nothing as better as a Water Softener. If you are getting any limescale buildup on the plumbing sets, then this means that your water supply includes calcium and magnesium in high amounts.

Eddy Water Descaler Electronic Water Softener

These are compounds must be dealt for solving the hard water problem. It is also listed as one of the Top rated picks by WaterPeek in their buyers’ guide which is one of the best references till now.

Coming to the Eddy Water Descaler, this is much easier to install and does not even require salt as any ordinary water system.

Quick Features

  • Works mainly on the limescale buildup! Note this point again. They do not reduce the hardness or eliminate the hard minerals like a softener.
  • This device reduces the intensity/affects of hard water.
  • If you are looking for ways to avoid salt usage, then you can choose the Eddy Descaler in such case.
  • You won’t get any chemical composition altered here, so can easily benefit from minerals like calcium, etc.

Working is simple; this electronic device produces strong electromagnetic waves. These waves are passed through the coils which kept in contact with the incoming water supply.

They reduce or change the properties of the minerals, so as to eliminate the adhesion property. This way, the limescale buildup can be controlled, and reduced in a significant manner. TDS is not affected, and thus all the healthy and necessary minerals are retained back in the water. Despite the fact that I have not discovered any data proposing that “enormous government” is “rainwater harvesting illegal” I have quite recently discovered some related data that is, exceptionally irritating.

#3 Watts RV PRO-1000 Portable Water Softener

We have an RV water softener, which is portable of course! You might have understood this by the name itself. The quality of being portable has itself made this softener the most desired for the RVs. (RV is a recreational vehicle) They are also found to be durable and is built to run for more than a year.

Watts RV PRO-1000 Portable Water Softener

Quick Features

  • With a mere weight of 9 pounds, you can easily carry the unit with yourselves wherever you go.
  • Consider the space availability in your RVs before proceeding with the purchase.
  • This softener is less bulky in shape, compared to other portable water softener systems.
  • It works for a quality time period of more than 1 year. This is one of the cool exceptions found in a portable softener.

If you are particularly looking out for a RV support in a softener, then the Watts Pro-1000 is the only recommendation. There are not many options available in the softeners when it comes to the RV support. water system maintenance is one of those necessary work.

Some points which you need to consider before the purchase – the water hardness level, flow rate of the water, salt or salt-less softener? With the help of these questions, you can make the selection procedure quick and even make the best Softener deal too. Follow TEXCRA for getting similar post updates.

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6 Best Rated Litter Box of 2017 as Buyer’s Guide

Looking a way out to rightly deal with your cat litter? Find the Best Rated Litter Box of 2017 in this post. Some of the litter boxes have sustained the Top Ranking for a long time, while there are some new additions. Our listing is based on factors like user convenience, quality built, and durability.

Best Rated Litter Box of 2017 as Buyer’s Guide

Litter Box is mainly used for cat litter disposable. You must look out for such a unit which is comfortable for your cat, and also provides effective odor control feature. List of features was made and started analyzing each unit one by one.

Following are our Top Picks in the category of Litter Box, as of 2017.

#1 Recommendation Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan

The Jumbo hood is present for providing the best kind of privacy to your cat. Litter is kept covered within the Litter Pan. There is one removable door structure through which the cat can access the litter box. It also features one carbon filter which traps all the odor and maintains a fresh atmosphere in the surrounding.

Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan

During the cleaning time, you can easily lift up the box with the handle provided on this jumbo lid. This is also best rated self cleaning litter box available in 2017. There is one inbuilt anchor which keeps the unit open during the scooping. The carbon filters can be replaced after a long usage period, or whenever you wish to change.

#2 IRIS Open Top Cat Litter Box Kit with Shield

Next, we got the IRIS Open Top unit; this features an extra long shield surrounding the litter box. The top is kept open so that your cat does not feel suffocated within. The color of the litter box is dark blue, with one translucent white color shield. This unit comes along with one scoop.

IRIS Open Top Cat Litter Box Kit

One end of the shield has got the opening, and all the other three sides are covered ones. This prevents all the litter sprays and keeps your room clean. The molded feet makes the litter box easy to fit for all kinds of surfaces. You can get the same unit in 5 different shades; our favorite is Blue one.

#3 PetSafe ScoopFree Self Cleaning Litter Box

If you do not wish to see or touch the litter, then it is possible with the PetSafe ScoopFree unit. This litter box comes with disposable litter tray, so you just have to load the tray and leave it. You can use the unit for 2-3 days and then dispose of the tray right away. The tray comes with blue colored crystal litter, get a new one, and then place it back on the ScoopFree system.

PetSafe ScoopFree Self Cleaning Litter Box

Some tips for maximizing the life of the tray:

  1. Do not place the litter tray in humid places, for example near showers, or basement area. The crystals absorb the moisture quickly, and this may lead to early replace.
  2. Do the stirring of the crystals so that all the litter gets mixed up, and it is distributed well within it.
  3. If your cat is producing high solid waste, then try changing the diet of it.

Try out the tips, and get the best out of this PetSafe ScoopFree Litter Box.

#4 Nature’s Miracle Advanced Corner Hooded Cat Litter Box

One of the main features of this litter box is the plastic driven technology for odor control. The plastic present in the litter has got the odor blocking quality, and this prevents the spread of bacteria. Another peculiarity of this box is the shape; it has got one side pointed. This lets you easily set the unit in one corner of the room.

Nature's Miracle Advanced Corner Hooded Cat Litter Box

There is one charcoal filter which helps with controlling the odor, thus giving relief to the pet owners. The surface of the litter box is of the non-stick type, and the size of the box is large enough to support multiple cat household too.

#5 Omega Paw Self Cleaning Litter Box 

This Litter Box makes use of Roll N Clean method and does not require electricity for the working. The shape of the unit is large, and the rolling allows the user to clean the unit easily. Even the odor and the dust is removed quickly. With the presence of the patented grill, you can separate the waste material and the clean litter.

Omega Paw Self Cleaning Litter Box

When you roll or tilt the litter box, the waste directly gets collected in the pull-out tray. And you just have to get the tray and dispose of the litter. The installation is easy, and it comes with a user manual for the setup.

#6 Van Ness Sifting Enclosed Cat Litter Pan 

We got the Van Ness Enclosed Litter Pan in the final position. Well, this is a good product among all the budget systems. If you wish to get the benefits of a scoop free litter, then this is a perfect choice and also comes with one enclosing design. You won’t face any issue relating to the odor with this Van Ness.

Van Ness Sifting Enclosed Cat Litter Pan

It features one odor door and one replaceable air filter, well all these allows the user to get the best odor control. The plastic is of easy to clean nature, and of the durable quality.

When you are done with the selection, the next task will be to get your cat on the box. This one is equally tough and challenging. Don’t rush with it, and provide a quality amount of time to your kitten. To get regular updates from us, follow our page TEXRCA!

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Best Ping Pong Table Under $500 [Complete Review]

Who doesn’t love budget products? Especially when you can get the Best Ping Pong Table under $500. Most of the buyers out there do not believe this, well it is true! You can find many quality tables under the 500 dollars category.

But choosing the right table among all the options is crucial. Our review team has done this task for you. We made a list of all the ping pong tables in this price range and then reviewed each one of them separately. And finally chose our most favorite, the best in quality and performance.

Top Pick: Best Ping Pong Table Under $500

The winner for the Ping Pong Table under $500 goes to the MD Sports Ping Pong Table. It is a tournament sized table, and you will receive this table with all the accessories. This table is a 4-piece construction has got a durable 5/8 inch top, along with one apron for additional support.

MD Sports Ping Pong Table

Talking about the game Table Tennis, it is one of the few sports which are risk-free. It mainly requires a good amount of stamina and the right hand-eye coordination. We must know what is the best ping pong table before we purchse anything. Everyone can play this game, irrespective of the age. You can set the game in your home place, without much investing for location.


  • This table is similar to the tournament table, and that is 9 feet by 5 feet.
  • You can fold up this table to transform it into a compact shape. This helps with storage purpose.
  • You will find a 90 days warranty on this MD Sports Ping Pong table.
  • The table top is designed in such a manner so that you can enjoy your favorite smashes and other forehand drives.
  • This table has got the net connections done using the clamping method.
  • You will get paddles made out of 5-ply laminate, and with the rubber coating on both the sides.


You will find all the following features on this MD Sports Table Tennis:

Table is foldable 

The setup is easy, in the same way, the folding is also quick and simple. You can fold one-half of the table for carrying out solo practices. You can easily set this table indoors, and enjoy those lazy rainy days at home.

Safety features with the Locks

Safety and stability are connected with each other. It comes with apron all around the table which adds to the support and balance.

There are corner caps on the table which keep your walls and doors protected from any crashes.

Accessories added

In the accessories category, you will get one post and one net set. This also includes two balls and a pair of paddles.

Benefits of playing this game

This sport can be played by almost all the age-group people. You can get the best experience on this Ping Pong table while having family matches and other friendly competitions. It helps with maintaining the stamina and also keeps your mind and body fit.

You can even get the playback position, and carry on with solo matches. This way you can brush up all your basic strokes, and improve.

This was our review for the Best Ping Pong Table Under $500, how was it?

Ask your doubts in the comment section, and get all your doubts cleared on our page TEXRCA.

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Best Coffee Maker Under 50 Dollar for 2017 | Coffee Fan Guide

Looking out for the Best Coffee Maker Under 50 Dollar systems? You have landed up to the right place! There are many coffee lovers out there, and most of them believe that coffee machines are expensive and not reasonable. Well, this is completely false!

If you wish to buy an affordable and pocket-friendly coffee maker for your home, you can get one easily. We are going to list out the products which are the best in this category.

Best Coffee Maker Under 50 Dollar for 2017

We made a list of around ten coffee makers and sorted out two of the Best machines among them. Some of the key points we checked in products include the level of functionalities, and also on the simplicity in the design.

Let’s find out the which of the Coffee Makers make it to our list:

BLACK+DECKER DCM18S Brew N Go Personal Coffeemaker

This is a personal coffee maker which brews the coffee directly into a travel mug. It has got a portable design which makes it suitable for traveling purpose. It is built using stainless steel, and the design is compact enough to be stored in all the standard cup-holders. This adds the quality of convenience for the users.

BLACK+DECKER DCM18S Brew N Go Personal Coffeemaker

You will also find permanent filters within the unit, and thus you won’t require any disposable filters for coffee making. It is specifically designed for the people who are mostly on travel. Here the processing is speedy, and you can conveniently brew your favorite coffee into the 15-ounce travel mug included with it.

The filter basket is removable in nature, and the unit comes along with a permanent filter.


  • One touch operation
  • Easy processing with removable filter basket
  • You can rinse the unit for cleaning purpose
  • It comes with a one year warranty for the machine parts
  • Unit built with keeping the North American Electrical Standards in check

So these are the key features included in this BLACK+DECKER product. While some issues related to the reliability have been reported, and the service team has handled these user problems right away. For all those looking out for the Best in less than $50, you won’t find any unit better than this one! Go for it!

Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker

Next, we have got the Mr. Coffee machine, and their 4-cup Programmable machine. It is one the popular coffee maker under $50 in 2017. Mr. Coffee wishes to reach every American’s kitchen so that they could provide the rich coffee experience to all the coffee lovers. You will find one light indicator here which lets the user know when the machine is on/off.

Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker

The filter basket is removable in nature, and this lets you fill and brew swiftly with ease. If you wish to have a sip of coffee before the brewing completes, then it is possible in this Mr. Coffee unit. You can refer to coffeemakered.com for other related information. There is one water window which provides a clear view of the water present in the water reservoir. It helps in knowing when to refill the unit back.


  • Here the filter basket can be lifted up, which makes it easy with the filling and cleaning work. Also cleaning this basket is simple, you just have to lift it up, wash it, and finally place it back!
  • There is Pause feature which allows the user to pause the unit, and you could have a cup of coffee before the brewing completes.
  • You can also set an ahead time on the machine, and easily wake up one fresh cup of coffee.

This was all about the Mr. Coffee product, and it is undoubtedly the best deal which you can make in less than $50!

So these are our Top Picks for the category Coffee Maker Under 50 Dollar. Do you have more suggestions to add in this? Comment your answers in the comment box provided below.

Just a simple follow on our page for regular post updates.

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Texas Rain Catcher Award

The Texas Water Development Board sponsors the Texas Rain Catcher Award

A rainwater harvesting competition and recognition program to promote the technology, educate the public, and to recognize excellence in the application of rainwater harvesting systems in Texas. 

The competition is open to all individuals, companies, organizations, municipalities, and other local and state governmental entities in Texas including former employees of the TWDB. However, current employees of the TWDB and TWDB Board members are not eligible to enter the competition.

There are several benefits to winning the competition. It will help you earn recognition both within the rainwater harvesting community and beyond, and enhance your reputation as an individual or entity dedicated to water conservation in Texas. As a winner, you will get free publicity and will be recognized on the TWDB Web site for at least two years.

For more details visit the TWDB website.

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Virtual Tour

Texas Rainwater Harvesting Systems Tours

Sea Scouts Galveston Texas / Landscaping Irrigation / LEED Platinum

The recently completed, 8 acre Sea Scout base in Galveston, TX has incorporated CorGal water tanks for irrigation, and was constructed by Seattle based RainBank Rainwater Systems.

Four storage tanks on both sides of the building will collect roof runoff from the green roof.  Additionally, below grade storm water collection wet wells will collect runoff from area site drains and serve as secondary storage.

Rainwater from the main building green roof will be directed to the top of one tank on each end of the building with equalization between all four tanks. If the volume in the tanks is not adequate for an irrigation cycle, the four cisterns will be filled automatically to an adequate level from the wet wells, conveyed by a 7.5 HP 270 GPM.

The overflow from the cisterns is routed to passive infiltration.

A Platinum LEED rating for green building was achieved on this project.

Project details:
• 4 ‐ 24,500 gallon, CorGal 1208 HRWT rainwater collection tanks
• Tank dimensions 12’ dia x 33’ tall.
• Tank equalization / wet wells / live roof
• Wet well Transfer pump assembly provided by other; 7.5 HP 270 GPM 42’ Head
• Irrigation pump and filtration provided by other;
• Pump 5 HP 30 GPM at 70 PSI
• Filtration Amiad TAF suction Scanner/ Auto flushing
• Tank construction By RainBank Rainwater Systems

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Healthy Benefits

The all important 5-a-day
They’re full of vitamins and minerals and an 80g serving, around 14 baby button mushrooms, four large closed cup mushrooms or one large flat mushroom, counts towards the 5-a-day target.

Skin and bones

Here are five reasons why mushrooms make sense and why there are more to them than you think:

  • Mushrooms are a natural source of B vitamins and
    minerals, with an 80g serving counting as one of
    your 5-a-day
  • Mushrooms are a natural source of selenium which is
    part of the body’s antioxidant defence system
  • They are naturally low in calories and fat
  • They are a good source of vitamin B5 which works in the
    body to help release energy from the food we eat
  • They are a natural source of folic acid

Body beautiful

Mushrooms are one of the highest antioxidant foods in the world, in the same league as the red pepper and spinach.

The dietary fibre in mushrooms also helps promote good bowel function and leaves you feeling more satisfied, so you won’t be hungry again as quickly.

Mushrooms are also extremely rich in protein,  so are a great alternative protein source for vegetarians.

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Curried Mushrooms


  • 2 tbs olive oil
  • 2 tbs freshly grated ginger
  • 2 garlic cloves, crushed
  • 400g button mushrooms, trimmed
  • 200g brown mushrooms, trimmed
  • 1/3 cup korma curry paste
  • 1/2 cup thick natural yoghurt
  • 80g baby spinach leaves
  • steamed jasmine rice, to serve
  • 1/2 cup coriander leaves, to serve


  1. Heat a wok over high heat. Add oil and heat until hot. Add ginger, garlic and mushrooms and stir-fry for 2 minutes or until light golden.
  2. Add curry paste and stir-fry 1ñ2 minutes until fragrant. Remove from the heat. Add yoghurt, stir until well coated. Reduce heat to medium. Return wok to the heat and cook 1-2 minutes or until heated through. Add spinach and cook 1 minute or until wilted.
  3. Serve over steamed jasmine rice, topped with coriander.

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