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Sea Scouts Galveston Texas / Landscaping Irrigation / LEED Platinum

The recently completed, 8 acre Sea Scout base in Galveston, TX has incorporated CorGal water tanks for irrigation, and was constructed by Seattle based RainBank Rainwater Systems.

Four storage tanks on both sides of the building will collect roof runoff from the green roof.  Additionally, below grade storm water collection wet wells will collect runoff from area site drains and serve as secondary storage.

Rainwater from the main building green roof will be directed to the top of one tank on each end of the building with equalization between all four tanks. If the volume in the tanks is not adequate for an irrigation cycle, the four cisterns will be filled automatically to an adequate level from the wet wells, conveyed by a 7.5 HP 270 GPM.

The overflow from the cisterns is routed to passive infiltration.

A Platinum LEED rating for green building was achieved on this project.

Project details:
• 4 ‐ 24,500 gallon, CorGal 1208 HRWT rainwater collection tanks
• Tank dimensions 12’ dia x 33’ tall.
• Tank equalization / wet wells / live roof
• Wet well Transfer pump assembly provided by other; 7.5 HP 270 GPM 42’ Head
• Irrigation pump and filtration provided by other;
• Pump 5 HP 30 GPM at 70 PSI
• Filtration Amiad TAF suction Scanner/ Auto flushing
• Tank construction By RainBank Rainwater Systems

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